Dear BCHW Members and Interested Members:

As president of the Black Caucus of Health Workers (BCHW), I bring greetings on behalf of the BCHW Governing Board. We have been working tirelessly in preparation of the BCHW 50th Year Anniversary during the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA) in San Diego, CA, November 10-14, 2018.  You will be pleased to know that you are being governed by a hard-working and dedicated Board of Directors, who are committed to making this year's annual conference and 50th anniversary celebration a success.

Since its establishment in 1968, the BCHW remains one of the largest caucuses of APHA and strives to fulfill its mission of improving the quality of life for people of the African diaspora. For half a century, the BCHW continues to fight for the elimination of disparities and reducing the gaps in health outcomes through advocacy, knowledge, practice, and research. While challenges in health care remain, efforts of the BCHW are driven to eliminate institutional racism in the health care industry, thus promoting health equity and parity for minority groups.

In preparation for the 50th year anniversary, the BCHW's governing board has been meeting every other Friday, from 10:00-11:00am (CST), since February 2018. Some of the major agenda items requiring lengthy discussion are presented for your review and input:

  • Election of Officers - During the Atlanta 2017 conference BCHW meeting, there was no election of officers because there was not a quorum. Subsequently, in accordance to the BCHW Bylaws, the president can appoint members in good standing to serve in vacant position until the next annual meeting election. Each officer agreed to continue to serve in their respective positions. With the assistance of Joan Bundley, an Ad Hod Committee for the Election of Officers by Alternative Balloting was established. Ms. Jill Dingle, Conference Program Planner, was appointed chair of the committee. Further information will be shared regarding request for nominations and upcoming elections.
  • BCHW Bylaws - All members should have a copy of the BCHW Bylaws (amended October 28, 2012). Please review the sections regarding the election process, focusing on the duties and responsibilities for each elected position. Copies can be downloaded from the caucus page.
  • Membership - The current BCHW membership roster is in the process of being updated. Please forward your contact information, membership status change, and other impertinent information to with the subject of Membership Update.
  • 50th Anniversary Theme - "Living History: Honoring Our Past, Uplifting Our Future - BCHW Celebrates 50 Years."
  • Fund-Raising - BCHW needs to identify potential donors/partners to support the 50th anniversary celebration. Funds are needed to assist students, hospitality room (including refreshments) for meet-and -greet, provide aid one-on-one student research projects, sponsorship for the Poindexter Dinner, etc. A formal request letter will be forthcoming to use for your potential contacts: alumni, schools/colleges, fraternities/sororities, social groups, etc.
  • Formation of Standing Committees - Committees have been established as required by the BCHW bylaws and other Ad Hoc committees have been established as needed. Please review each and select the committee(s) you would best suit your interest. BCHW committees are as follows: 1) Archive/History 2) Awards 3) Publicity and 4) Finance. Ad Hoc committees established by the president are: 1) Membership 2) Fund-Raising and 3) Election (others can be added as needed),
  • 50th Anniversary Planning Committee - Any member of the BCHW is invited to serve on the 50th Anniversary Committee. Mildred Hunter, a life-time member of the caucus, has agreed to be one of the committee's chairpersons. Lifetime members, past presidents, and students are encouraged to serve on the committee.
As the BCHW Governing Board continues to work on this year's major milestone, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this endeavor. I encourage each of you to participate to the fullest in this year's caucus celebration. We owe our best to honor those who have come before us. Throughout the coming months we will be posting news, updates, and event information on the BCHW site.

We Need You...
The Caucus Needs You...
The People We Serve Need YOU!

Thank you!


Barbara J. Norman, PhD, MPH