About Us

Founded in 1968, Black Caucus of Health Workers (BCHW) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

The mission of the Black Caucus of Health Workers is to strive for the elimination of disparities and the reduction of gaps in health and health outcomes by improving the quality of life of people of African descent through advocacy, knowledge, practice, and research.


To monitor and evaluate health data and policy issues at the federal, state, and local levels.

To conduct research and implement direct service programs that seek to better understand and improve the African-American community’s health status.

 To establish and maintain ongoing working relations with the American Public Health Association, its sections, and other affiliated groups.

To work to eliminate institutional racism in the healthcare industry and maintain the quality of life for minority groups.

To disseminate employment opportunities and to engage in professional development activities that enhances BCHW’s members’ skills and abilities.

To increase the number of African-American students who successfully complete academic study in public health programs.

To increase the number of African American health care professionals through targeted recruitment, professional development, and mentoring programs

To provide a forum in which African American health care workers can exchange views, develop strategies, and implement programs.


Access the purpose of the Black Caucus of Health Workers here: Purpose


The Black Caucus of Health Workers (BCHW) is an independent organization, officially affiliated with the American Public Health Association (APHA). BCHW was organized to serve as a catalyst for influencing the recognition of the healthcare needs of Black people in America by APHA and other health-related organizations.

BCHW was organized by a small group of Black health workers concerned with the plight of the Blacks within the APHA organization at the 1968 APHA annual convention in Detroit.  It was agreed that the Black voice would not be heard without a strong organization to support its’ position.  Over the last forty-three years, the BCHW has developed into the forceful voice it is today.

BCHW represents professionals and non-professionals working in the various health fields.  To properly function, committees were established similar to the structure of the APHA, such as Policy, By-Laws, Programs, Resolutions, etc.  These committees stimulate the BCHW to direct its attention, on an ongoing basis, to the needs, concerns, and experiences of the Black health professional and other minorities in America.

A steering committee composed of the officers and the chairpersons of the various committees and the chairpersons of the regions serve as the governing arm of the BCHW.



Dana Reed Wise, JD(c), MPH, REHS

Veronica Collins, MSL 
President Elect

Glahnnia Rates, MPH(C)
Vice President

Traci Simmons, MPH, CPH, CHES
Interim Secretary

Dakota Clarke, BS, Ches
Publicity Secretary

Mahir Hussein, BS
Vice Publicity Secretary

Chrisney Ball, Executive Assistant 


Jill Dingle, MPH

Alexander Kimbrough

Kenneth Prevo

George Smith Jr

Selena Smith

Jasmine Ward, PhD, CHES, CERT

Dwight Williams

Leigh-Ann Williams